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Vide: Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con Trailer

Rovio and Hasbro just released a video trailer of what appears to be the latest transformation of Angry Birds, the Angry Birds Transformers.

From the name itself, its Angry Birds with a Transformers theme, the game play will of course be different from the video and just like the other movie-themed version of Angry Birds; Rio, Star Wars and Star Wars 2, it will surely feature a number of recognizable playable characters, which will be the biggest attraction of the game. Read more…

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Video: Technology Behind the latest DreamWorks Animation Feature – How to Train Your Dragon 2

Here’s an interesting video (embedded above), about the new technology that DreamWorks is using to create their latest animation feature “How to Train Your Dragon 2″.

In the video, Director Dean DeBlois and Head of Character Animation Simon Otto showcase DreamWorks Animation’s groundbreaking new technology Apollo and how it help the studio create one of the best animate movie of the year. Read more…

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Carmudi Philippines, your Online Classfied Ads for Vehicles


Carmudi Philippines, the online market place for vehicles and motorcycles was launched in the Philippines last January 2014. It offers a wide range of cars from luxury brand like Mercedes and BMW, to Hyundai, Ford and Toyota. You may even find a number of trucks and jeeps being sold on the site. Read more…

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Philippine “Lemon Law”, why is it only for 1 year?

Hyundai Assembly Line in South Korea

Hyundai Assembly Line in South Korea

After writing this article, I tried checking what are warranty coverage of the different car manufacturer/dealer in the Philippines and so far I found out that Toyota and Nissan offers 3 years warranty, while Hyundai, Kia, and Ford** offers up to 5 years warranty. Read more…

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President Aquino signed Senate Bill 2211 a.k.a. “the Lemon Law”, will take effect by July 30

lemon car

Announced last month, the Senate Bill 2211 a.k.a. “the Lemon Law” is now a signed law and will take effect on July 30, 2014. The Philippine version of “the Lemon Law” aims “to protect consumers in the sale of motor vehicles against sales and trade practices that are deceptive, unfair or otherwise inimical to the consumers and the public interest.Read more…

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Carmudi’s Android App Now Official in the Philippines and 15 other Countries

carmudi app screenshot

The Carmudi portal was launched earlier this year, and after more than 5 months, the Carmudi Android app is now officially and available to 16 countries, including the Philippines. Read more…

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Ayannah, the company that’s helping the “unbanked”


Ayannah, a Philippine-based digital commerce and payment service provider to the world’s unbanked. Unbanked are those people who do not have any accounts with regular banks or those who cannot signup to any credit cards. The company caters mainly for Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and help them send money back to their family and relatives to the Philippines. Read more…

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Senti, the Social Media tool for the Philippine Market

senti-ph screenshot

If you’re a social media manager, you’re probably using one or two social media tools like radian6 or hootsuite, to measure and monitor what people in social media says about your brand, product or company in general. The problem with these tools is that they’re developed having English as the only language that they understand. Read more…

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Ayannah raises $1 Million in Funding, to help OFW send money back to the Philippines


Digital commerce and payment services provider, Ayannah raised another round of funding worth $1 million from Japanese venture capital firms IMJ Investment Partners and Beenos, the investment arm of Teruhide Sato, president and group CEO of Also returning are early-stage technology and new media venture firms, Los Angeles-based Siemer Ventures and Singapore- and San Francisco-based Golden Gate Ventures. Last year, Ayannah previously received $1 million in funding from Siemer Ventures and Golden Gate Ventures. So this will make the total funding received by Ayannah to $4.5 million. Read more…

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Apple ID two-step verification now available in the Philippines

two-step verification screenshot

Apple introduced the 2-step verification early last year and having my credit card attached to my Apple ID is one of the reason why I’m glad that Apple is now implementing the 2-step verification process. The 2-step verification is an additional security feature for our Apple ID, wherein users will need to provide a system-generated code that will be sent to your phone number in order to login to their Apple account. Read more…