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UberHOP officially launches in Metro Manila

uberHop appIt looks like Uber have been getting a lot of positive feedback regarding their testing of UberHOP, which was announced last month, and today, Uber is officially launching their ride-sharing service for people who are headed the same direction to share a ride during rush hour for a flat rate of Php 75 or less than $2.

Metro Manila is the third (3rd) city where UberHOP is available, after Toronto (Canada) and Seattle (USA). Uber said “by targeting areas with the highest density at the busiest times of the day, we’re able to get more people into fewer cars and provide a safe, reliable, and affordable option for people on their daily commute.” Which is a noble cause for a company earn by the number of people who uses their service. Read more…

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Thanks to Torrents-Time, The Pirate Bay and other Torrent sites are now the Largest Streaming Website in the World

Andy, writing for TorrentFreak;

Thanks to the brand new Torrents-Time browser plug-in The Pirate Bay has just transformed itself into the world’s largest streaming video portal. The notorious torrent site now embeds ‘Stream It!” links next to all video torrents enabling them to be played in a window without users ever having to leave the site.

Torrents-Time is a browser plug-in for Windows and Mac that allows you to view stream videos from torrents without need for a torrent client like uTorrent.

I really don’t recommend using this plugin, specially of you’re using your computer other than download illegal stuff from the net. You may want to read this article from Mashable before installing the said plugin.

If the developer of “Torrents-Time” developed the plugin just to see if it can be done and it looks like they succeeded.

It appears that KickassTorrents and other torrent sites will follow suit.

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Adobe launches Animate CC

Frederic Lardinois, writing for TechCrunch;

Adobe today officially launched Animate CC, the latest version of its animation tool for the web. Animate CC was previously known as Flash Professional, but the importance of Flash has (thankfully) declined over the last few years and the company decided it was time to rename the product to better represent what it is actually being used for.

Flash is officially dead!

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Sen. Bam Aquino wants Telco to pay up to Php5 million a day for erring Telcos;

As part of his advocacy for better Internet speed in the country, a senator wants to impose heavier fines and penalties on telecommunication entities that will violate all forms of directives from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Sen. Bam Aquino’s Senate Bill No. 3208 eyes to amend outdated provisions of Commonwealth Act No. 146 or the Public Service Law to make it attuned to present times, giving NTC more teeth in dealing with erring telecommunication companies.

In his measure, Sen. Bam wants erring telecom firms fined between P300,000 to P5 million for every day, per violation of any certificate, authority, resolution or regulation of the NTC.

The problem in the Philippines is not the lack of law but the lack of power by the enforcing entity, in this case the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

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Rocket Internet to shutdown carpooling service Tripda

Steven Millward, writing for Tech in Asia;

Tripda will announce the global shutdown later this week. Our source at Tripda, who requested to remain anonymous, says that the startup failed to secure series B funding. It raised US$11 million in a series A round at the start of last year, with the money coming from Rocket Internet and an undisclosed New York-based investment firm.

The service is barely 1 year and 6 months old, and was launched in Southeast Asia September 2014 and in the Philippines 3 months after that.

The shutdown of the service may be due to the fact that user prefer to ride alone even though it’s costly, evident of this is the rise and popularity of Uber and Grab, most notably in the Philippines.

Judging from this article from Yugatech, signing up your car for Uber and being an Uber Driver in the Philippines is a thriving and very good business.

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Press release: Alcatel Flash joins Lazada’s Chinese New Year Promotion in Southeast Asia

Alcatel Flash is set to join hands with Lazada to offer a New Year Gift Package to the buyers of Flash 2 phones on the largest e-commerce platform’s Chinese New Year grand sale celebration. Read more…

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Instagram now support multiple and switching accounts


If you are using Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android, you will now have the ability to use multiple and switch accounts. The feature allows a user to add and switch between IG acccount without logging-out an account. You can add up to 5 user. Read more…

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Mozilla to end the development of Firefox OS for smartphones after version 2.6

George Roter, Mozilla Head of Core Contributor;

Therefore we are announcing our plan to end-of-life support for smartphones after the Firefox OS 2.6 release. This means that Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May.

There are a lot of information included in their blog post, developers what want to read the whole article, specially if you plan to continue developing for Firefox OS for Internet of Things (IoT).

Mozilla initially announced that they stopping the development for Firefox OS last December 2016.

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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey rejects report that Twitter is Shifting To An Algorithm Timeline


“#RIPTwitter” trended yesterday in response to BuzzFeed’s report that the microblogging site will switching to an algorithmic timeline next week. Read more…

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Carmudi PH partners with Rapide to certify cars bought and sold on their website


Carmudi Philippines managing director Abhishek Mohan signed on Feb 2 the partnership deal with Rapide Auto Service Experts general manager Byron Lat to offer automotive inspections and certification for vehicles bought and sold on their online platform.

Under the memorandum of agreement, the buyers and sellers will have the option to have their vehicles inspected by Rapide professionals so that Carmudi could issue a certification describing the actual state of the vehicle. This system would reduce — to a great extent — the gap in information between seller and buyer.

Great partnership by Carmudi Ph and Rapide, a win-win-win-win situation to Carmudi Ph, Rapide, Seller and Buyer.

  1. This will ensure that the cars that are being bought/sold on Carmudi Ph are in good condition or at least the car is in the condition on what the seller is saying about the car.
  2. This will reduce the risk for buyers (even seller) from scammed.
  3. A great selling point for car sellers.
  4. Rapide gets to have a lot customers, by my last count there are more than 17k cars sold on Carmudi ph.
  5. One more reason why buying and selling cars/vehicle on Carmudi Ph is better than anywhere else.