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Nokia N8 knockoffs!!

Talk about beating the competition, this should be an understatement. The real Nokia N8 has not been released yet but fake chinese knockoffs are already being sold in the “market”.

When you look at the unit, from the outside, the craftmanship and materials used, you will think that this is the real deal. The touchscreen, camera at the back, software (in chinese) and the box certainly gave it away, since the model is using a different phones.

But when you take a closer look at the unit, here’s what you will be getting.
– 400 x 240 resolution display (3.2-inches)
– FM radio and MP4 player
– Bluetooth
– Webcam
– Battery
– Symbian ^3 look a like

Not present are the key features of (real and actual) Nokia N8.
– 12 megapixel camera
– WiFi module
– 3G support
– support for the 32GB microsSD card
– Symbian ^3 OS
– HD Display and 3D Graphics HW accelerator

The price for these units are $105 which is way cheaper than the $500 estimated price of the real unit. I guess to some people it does not matter if you get all the bells and whistle as long as people think that you are using the real deal. 🙂

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