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Holy Shit! Philippine org lobbying for a localize version of SOPA/PIPA

It looks like a number of organization in the Philippines like Universal Records, the Philippine Association of the Record Industry, the Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council, the Motion Picture Association, the Business Software Alliance, and the IP Coalition are trying to lobby and pass a local version of the recently-protested SOPA/PIPA in the US. First reported on Techlokal, the supposedly anti-piracy bill that will be passed is an improved version of the United State’s SOPA/PIPA and Yugatech has indicated the pros and cons if the said bill ever became a law.

TechLokal even has a video audio interview of Ramon Chuaying, executive vice president of Universal Records about the topic. I’m in full support if this bill will indeed help stop online piracy and as long as it doesn’t take the freedom of the internet and there will be due process. If it’s just a copy and paste version of the US SOPA/PIPA, then they can just shove it up their arses. For more reading, just hit the source links below.

Source: TechLokal | Yugatech
image via Massis Post

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