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The ‘Search’ for Google’s match: a Facebook and Yahoo merger?

In far numerous ways could we think of a competitor that could  best the search giant ‘Google’, but none has seemed to have come close to what brews in the kitchen pots of Facebook and Yahoo. According to an online source, it says that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have been discussing the possibilities of the 2 companies to work together on building a search partnership. With the amount of data you could get from a simple search, this gives any search engine an advantage in terms of advertising, which of course spells revenue through ads.

We all know that Facebook’s 1 billion users plus Yahoo’s close to a billion, puts the 2 companies in a good position to start taking over. But how does it really go when you’re about to face a company that has shown that it could indeed dominate and stick (take the term ‘google it’)? With primary strength in search, Google also has its hands dipped into the smartphone market with it’s Android Operating systems and Google Maps.

Though the young visionary Mark Zuckerberg had this to say about it:

“We do a billion queries a day and we aren’t even trying. Mostly trying to find people or brand pages or apps. There is a big opportunity in search, evolving to giving a set of answers to a specific question and Facebook is uniquely positioned to do that. For example, ‘Which of my friends or friends of friends work in a company I might like to work at?’ At some point we will do it.”

How do you prep to compete?

According to another source, “The computer codes which power search engines become more powerful as more people use them, making it tough for Yahoo! to stage a comeback without help from another, more popular organization.

Working with Facebook would also allow Yahoo! to piggyback on the social network’s brand cachet to help it recruit top-tier computer programmers – something that has been a major problem for Yahoo! in the past two years as it has hired and fired a string of chief executives. An alliance between Facebook and Yahoo! will pose a major threat to Google and stands to reorder the hierarchy of the world’s biggest technology companies. A senior figure likened Yahoo!’s position to that of a minority party in a hung parliament, with the power to act as kingmaker by choosing another party with which to align itself.”

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