1. Emilio Avancena

    dotPH has support after office hours and on weekends. We respond within 4-8 hours of receiving a voicemail, almost always much sooner. Senior tech personnel are on call, which is why we were able to do a quick fix within minutes of learning about the problem.

    We take these incidents seriously. When Sulit was hacked some years back we plugged the hole, identified the hacker, tracked him to his front door and set the NBI after him. See:

  2. Hi @google-a1c161fd690ac3bf00ebc3a9bf764760:disqus, we would love to know more about your statement or the official Dotph statement about the incident. We can publish an article for that here in KabayanTech so the reader would also know the other side of the story.
    Btw, the second link you’ve given is forbidden.

  3. Jay

    making “fences” to prevent attacks is way much better than calling the police after the attack, don’t you agree? -> dotph has a lot security problems and very little is being done about it. dotph domains has consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous country code TLD in the world(4th according to McAfee).. VERY SCARY for dotph owners.

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