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Top Search Term in Saudi Arabia

I just read this post on Yugatech and I just thought to do a version of the same type post for Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly), netizen is Saudi Arabia appears to be searching more on people, TV Shows, Movies, Fashion and Makeup, Movies, Food and Drinks, Travel Destinations and Sports Teams, and less on consumer electronics a.k.a gadgets when compare to netizen in the Philippines. Even though there are millions of expats and OFW, who buys a number of gadgets like smartphones and tablets as a gifts or “pasalubong” for their love ones in the Philippines, its still not enough for Google to create a listings.

So it’s either that Internet Users in the Kingdom are well informed on the tech/gadgets that they want to purchase or they’re brand specific to the point that they no longer need to search any information about the device, another thing, retail stores like Jarir bookstore, Abdulwahed, Extra etc., appears to be doing a great job in providing buyers the details they need in order to decide which device/items to buy and that they no longer need to go to the internet for information.

Anyway, for your reference, here are the most searched “Terms” in Saudi Arabia, if you like to view the “Top Charts” for Saudi Arabi, just click here.

I apologize if you cannot read the arabic part, I’ve provided a translated version below, though I cannot say if the list will remain the same in the next few days/weeks.

1. Site Noor Results
2. Instagram
3. Saudi’s Office of the Ombudsman
4. Ramadan Series 2013
5. FSA “Free Syrian Army”
6. Corona virus
7. Ministry of Housing
8. Samsung Galaxy S4
9. Star Academy 9
10. Rain Tabuk

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