Rebooting KabayanTech

First, Happy New Year to all the 10 people reading this blog!

Since its the start of the year, this will be the perfect time to reboot KabayanTech. When I first register the domain, I was aiming to blog about the different tech and startups that will be a big help for OFW. It was great for a time but I found my self wanting to write about non-tech stuff, so last September 2016, I registered, the side is up and running and that where you will see more of my writing.

Now for this site, I will be relaunching it as a site aggregator and curator for the different tech, startup and gadget news from top tech blog and news website from the Philippines and other countries. That’s why the only category that I’ll be using will be the source of the link.

You may see some original writing here and there but 99.99% of the articles that you will here will be linked from the source website.

So you can say that KabayanTech will be the best place for (almost) all the tech news in the Philippines. So here’s to more tech in 2017.