KabayanTech was originally a tech blog born from my frustration that these so called “tech” blogs are nothing more than just product directory of smartphones. In a nutshell, KabayanTech is a tech site aggregator that focuses on the different startup and tech news in the Philippines and Asia in general.

What you can expect

You will get daily coverage of startup and technology news, and an in-depth commentary on the upcoming technology trends and news that will have a big impact in our lives. You could say that the aim of the blog is to provide more than just information but know the value and impact of the technology in our society and lives.

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Kabayan is the Filipino word for countrymen or in Wiki’s definition “countryman or someone from the same town.” the name is not related to Noli De Castro in any way or with the Benguet province.

About the Author

Abiel Abuy is an OFW currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who spends a lot of time sleeping, lounging, reading, writing, interacting with digital people.

You can usually find him online on Twitter, working on his other blog Extra and side projects.

If you need to get in touch with him, you can do so from the contact page.