Galaxy S9 and S9+ To Use “Intelligent Scan” Feature

Duey Guison, writing for Unbox;

Samsung has been teasing the Galaxy S9 and S9+ as a gamechanger in phones. We have heard about its variable aperture camera, and now we have received reports about its so-called “Intelligent Scan”. According to reports, “Intelligent Scan” is a combination of Face Unlock and Samsung’s Iris Scan, and is made as an improvement to security and accuracy in using one’s face as a means to unlock the phone.

Samsung smartphone already offer face-unlock and iris scan, even though both are available on the last 2 or 3 generation of Galaxy S smartphone, these two features are seldom used by users. With “Intelligent Scan” Samsung will combine both features to authenticate a user’s identity, which is the company’s answer to Apple’s Face ID, and at the same time the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will still be equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Amazon No Longer Collects Import Fees For Items Under 200$

John Nieves, writing for;

While it’s a shopping juggernaut in the US, we rarely use Amazon to buy stuff online. One of the reasons for that is the sometimes insane costs that’s required to buy stuff from the site. Aside from regular shipping, you’re also going to have to pay import fees upfront.

But apparently Amazon has gotten the memo about the increased de minimis amount for items for taxes and duties in the Philippines, and no longer collects import fees upon checkout for items under 200$.

A small change on how Amazon operates outside the United States but this could have a big effect on how other ecommerce sites operates in Asia or Southeast Asia in particular.

This ManisTek Mechanical Keyboard Has A Keylogger Inside

John Nieves, writing for UNbox;

If you’re a gamer on a tight budget, buying a cheap, mechanical keyboard from a lesser-known Chinese company like ManisTek might be tempting, especially since their offerings are usually a couple of thousand pesos cheaper than established brands like Razer and Logitech. But there’s always a catch when buying cheap gadgets from China, and for buyers of ManisTek’s GK 2 mechanical gaming keyboard, it’s a built-in keylogger.


Well, if you really want be competitive, why not just get the best in the market.

CA Upholds Purchase Of San Miguel Corporation Assets To PLDT, Globe

John Nieves, writing for Unbox.Ph;

The Court Of Appeals have given its stamp of approval on the acquisition of both PLDT and Globe Telecom of San Miguel’s Corporation’s telco assets in the Php 70-billion deal last year, including the company’s highly lucrative 700MHz spectrum.

It’s a done deal then, so any telecom or company who wants to setup a business and utilize the 700MHz spectrum will need to go thru PLDT and Globe.

When the LTFRB Chairman Sees 10 Taxis Turn Down Passengers

Carlo Ople, writing for Unbox Ph;

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chair Atty. Martin Delgra III guested on Daniel Razon’s morning show to talk about the on-going Uber-LTFRB drama-rama saga. He was shown a social experiment video where a reporter tried to book a Taxi without having to give additional money on top of the meter fare. All 10 tries were a failure with the cabs either asking for more money or downright refusing the passenger.

His response to the “social experiment”? Chairman Delgra said that passengers should assert their rights. If the drivers refuse, then people should file a complaint at the LTFRB and show up during the hearing so that the drivers can be properly penalized. Suffice to say that’s a lot of inconvenience on the side of the passenger especially since they’re the aggravated party.

So when was the last time LTFRB penalize a taxi operator for Php 5 million?

This is the kind of mindset that makes people think that LTFRB is protecting taxi operators and only after the money of Uber, Grab and other TNVS, which are considered well funded “multi-billlion” companies.

This Is Our First Look At The Modernized Jeepneys

John Nieves, writing for Unbox;

Around a month ago the Philippine government unveiled plans and schematics for what the Department of Transportation envisions as the future of the jeepney. A few short weeks later, the DOTr shared several photos of the initial designs for what they envision as the future of the iconic jeep.

Here’s the pictures posted by DOTr;

The Kodak Ektra Goes On Sale

Jamie Inocian, writing for Unbox Ph;

Late last year, we reported that the famous film company, Kodak, had been working on a smartphone with a primary focus on photography. The phone was called the Kodak Ektra and it boasts of a 21-megapixel rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, equipped with phase detection autofocus, 6-axis optical image stabilization, and is capable of shooting videos in 4K. While the specs for its main shooter are impressive on paper, the camera samples that the company shared were equally amazing as well.

I didn’t know what Kodak is still in business.

NTC Orders Block Of 21 Porn Sites In PH, Both PLDT, Globe Comply

John Nieves, reporting for Unbox;

We earlier reported on the block of more popular porn websites a few days earlier. While a bunch of people said that they could no longer access their favorite porn site, a large swath of the population could still visit their porn website of choice. But it looks like the porn block will soon expand to cover more websites and ISPs, as the NTC has ordered the block of 21 porn websites, according to Interaksyon.

NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarrios sent the order to all ISPs last December on the request of the PNP.

Acer Pegs the Monstrous Predator 21 X Gaming Laptop at $8,999

Camille Vidan, writing for Unbox;

Acer has finally put a price tag on their monstrous desktop replacement gaming laptop, the Predator 21 X, which was unveiled at last year’s IFA 2016 in September. The beastly gaming notebook will fetch for a crazy-expensive $8,999 (~Php 450K), which is around the local price of a secondhand sedan. Ouch. Talk about luxury gaming.

A bit pricey for me.

ASUS’ Zenfone AR Has 8GB Of RAM And Is Project Tango Enabled

John Nieves, reporting for Unbox;

Despite being unintentionally announced a few days before its official reveal, ASUS’ Zenfone AR still took us by surprise. Not because of its project Tango component (we already knew about that) but because of its absolutely mind blowing amount of RAM. Stuffed with 8GB of RAM, it’s currently the only smartphone in the world that has that much RAM inside of it.

Samsung Introduces Its Odyssey Gaming Laptops

Jamie Inocian, writing for Unbox;

ASUS has the Republic of Gamers, Dell has Alienware, HP has Omen, and even Lenovo recently released its own gaming sub-brand — Legion. It seems like Korean company, Samsung, wants a piece of the gaming pie by unveiling its gaming laptops at CES 2017 under the name — Odyssey.

This laptop has one meaty specs.