Weekly Feed Sponsorship, the best way you can advertise your product or service directly to the readers of KabayanTech.

Week sponsorship includes:

  1. Sponsorship are (150 plus words) article written by me or the sponsor. It may or may not contain an image from the sponsor and its linked back to a url provided by the sponsoring party.
  2. Sponsorship are exclusive — only one slot per week.
  3. An article (RSS feed) about the sponsor will be posted at the beginning of the week, written either by me or provided by sponsor.
  4. A note with a link will appear on the sidebar for the entire week, thanking the sponsor for their support.
  5. Two tweets will be sent out — one at the start and one at the end of the week — thanking the sponsor.

To schedule a sponsorship, you can contact me.

All sponsorship are subject for approval. I’m using Paypal as my payment option.