City Government of Cebu to use Uber’s system to track government vehicles and personnel

Alyza Angeles, writing for Yugatech;

Cebu City Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña announced today that the City Government of Cebu will be using Uber’s system to track the movement of government vehicles and personnel. The reason? To make sure that these government vehicles are used properly.

Here’s the full text of Cebu City Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña’s announcement.

Under this program, there will be no more overpriced vehicles with “missing” spare parts. No more “sick” drivers being paid to do nothing. No more fuel stolen from gas tanks. No more red-plate vehicles used to bring employees’ families to the beach or mall. And since Uber and Grab are available to everyone, the prices charged to government can be made very transparent. Overpricing is next to impossible, and employees are tracked wherever they go.

Good job!

Hopefully other LGU and municipalities will follow suit!

Looks like City of Cebu will be utilizing Uber for Business.

Wunder car-pooling service to launch in Cebu

After a successful 2016, the Europe-based Wunder will open its doors and launch the platform in Cebu. If you want to join the Wunder community, you can download app.

Here’s the email statement sent by Wunder Philippines;

Wunder was launched in Metro Manila in February of last year. Within ten short months the community grew to over 200,000 riders and drivers, and over 1,000,000 rides given.

Unlike taxi apps such as Uber or Grab, Wunder drivers are non-profit, offering up empty seats in their cars on the way to the office with minimal detour.

The most popular professions among Wunder drivers are IT/Engineering, Financial Services and Management.

The average driver in 2016 shared 14 rides per month and saved between 3,000 and 5,000 pesos per month.

The total savings for car owners who share seats consistently with 2-3 passengers can add up quickly: over 50,000 pesos in one year!!

80% of active drivers’ passengers are repeat carpoolers they met through Wunder and have become new “Wunder buddies”

Sam Baker, Wunder COO;

“In 2016 the Wunder Carpoool community proved that we don’t need more vehicles or flashy services to solve the problem of congestion in Metro Manila: We need to fill empty seats. Last year 200,000 people came together, and without adding a single car to the road, helped over a 1 million people get to work. One of the most popular questions in Wunder’s community support email is when Wunder will be available to residents of Cebu. I’m happy say that it will be next week!”

Wunder will be announcing a series of launches in new cities in the region throughout the beginning of 2017.