No more SMS frequency for 3rd telco player

Miguel R. Camus, reporting for Inquirer;

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is seeking a third telco player that could match or offer better services than PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom.

But even at this early stage, Acting Secretary Eliseo Rio Jr. of the DICT acknowledged that there were limitations on the services a new telco challenger could provide, including text messaging.

Rio said there were no more 2G frequencies, which support text messaging, for the government to award to a third player. These are all controlled by PLDT and Globe, the country’s two major telcos that provide fixed-line and mobile services to about 100 million Filipinos.

I doubt that Globe and PLDT/Smart will “share” their frequencies, if ever a 3rd telco player will setup shop in the Philippines, they can only offer voice and data. SMS is still a big part of a mobile user, most notably when the 3G and 4G signal is not available. Also, how can a user recharge or load his mobile service without using SMS? Will the 3rd telco offer postpaid plan only?

Can the Philippine Competition Commission step in the discussion?

Globe and Smart to suspend mobile services during the Black Nazarene Procession

Here’s the official announcement from Smart and Globe.



Cities that will be affected by the mobile service suspension are;

  • Quiapo
  • Manila
  • Quezon City
  • Mandaluyong
  • Makati
  • and cities near the procession route

Smart and Globe to launch the iPhone X on November 17, 2017

No official price and plan for the iPhone X yet? It’ll be interesting how much will Smart and Globe be selling these phone.

PH internet ‘no good’? Telcos, PCC react to Jack Ma

Jack Ma touched a very sensitive nerve and now both PLDT/Smart and Globe are on damage control.

Chrisee Dela Paz, reporting for Rappler;

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s telecommunications giants and the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) vowed to do the best they can to improve the state of Philippine internet, after Jack Ma, the Chinese tycoon behind global tech giant Alibaba Group, shared what he thought about it.

What Jack Ma said is what consumer have been saying about the internet service for a long time now.

And this is where Globe and PLDT is passing the blame to the government;

Spokespersons of PLDT and Globe acknowledged that there’s still much to be done to improve internet services in the Philippines. But they also emphasized the need for the government’s involvement to turn slow, costly internet around.

At the end of the day, if telcos really want to provide fast internet, they WILL provide fast and reliable internet, with or without the government’s assistance.

CA Upholds Purchase Of San Miguel Corporation Assets To PLDT, Globe

John Nieves, writing for Unbox.Ph;

The Court Of Appeals have given its stamp of approval on the acquisition of both PLDT and Globe Telecom of San Miguel’s Corporation’s telco assets in the Php 70-billion deal last year, including the company’s highly lucrative 700MHz spectrum.

It’s a done deal then, so any telecom or company who wants to setup a business and utilize the 700MHz spectrum will need to go thru PLDT and Globe.

Smart the largest mobile operator in the Philippines in terms of subscribers

Joseph Waring, writing for Mobile World Live;

Smart, the mobile arm of PLDT, regained its spot as the largest mobile operator in the Philippines by subscribers in Q2, after Globe Telecom lost 3.1 million users since the beginning of the year.

According to GSMA Intelligence data, Smart had a 51.4 per cent market share in Q2, while Globe’s share dipped by nearly 2 percentage points from the end of 2016 to 48.2 per cent at end-June.

Do we really need to know which of the ONLY two mobile operator in the Philippines is the largest? It will be more interesting to know, which of the two (Smart or Globe) has the highest customer satisfaction rating.

Media Advisory on Fake Globe Website


We wish to inform our valued customers that is NOT an official Globe online property and is NOT connected with the company. Globe Telecom is working with concerned authorities on fraud and trademark infringement to permanently remove this site. We strongly advise our customers against providing any crowdsourcing information on the fraudulent site. We also appeal to our customers to report any similar attempts of fraud.

For any information on our products and services, please visit us online at Customers may also relay any concerns through our customer hotline and through Twitter channels @enjoyGLOBE and @Talk2GLOBE; Facebook page Globe Telecom; or through Enjoy Globe on Viber. – Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto.

Please don’t even try to attempt to access the said website.

Checking at the whois information of the domain. If looks like it was registered by a certain Frederik Havemann from Hong Kong.

Globe blocks more than 165 M spam/scam messages in 2016

Globe Ph;

Following an accelerated campaign versus unwanted spam/scam messages, Globe Telecom blocked more than 165 million of such messages in 2016, aided by the use of a comprehensive and fully automated mechanism to rid its network of unwanted and unsolicited text messages. In parallel, Globe also disconnected from the network last year around 1,700 prepaid numbers found to have been used as sources of spam/scam messages.

That’s a lot of spam/scams!

Globe ready to provide support for the establishment of a comprehensive credit information system


In compliance with a government mandate, Globe Telecom said it is ready to provide the Credit Information Corporation (CIC), a state-run agency, with the credit information of its customers starting February this year.

“As mandated by law, Globe is ready to comply with the directive to provide basic credit data. We are confident that establishment of a credit information system in the country will further enhance development of the local financial sector that, in turn, will further boost economic growth,” Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo said.

Republic Act 9510, also known as the Credit Information System Act enacted into law in 2008, provides for the creation of the CIC. The agency is primarily tasked to collect and disseminate relevant credit information that directly address the need for reliable credit information concerning the credit standing and track record of borrowers, thus potentially improving chances of loan approvals and enabling lenders to make appropriate decisions regarding loan applications.

The law requires banks, quasi-banks, their subsidiaries and affiliates, life insurance companies, credit card companies, and other entities that provide credit facilities to submit basic credit data and updates on a regular basis to the CIC for its mandate to update the basic credit data of a borrower on a monthly basis. The said data includes any negative and positive credit information that tends to update the credit status of borrowers.

The establishment of a comprehensive credit information database is expected to enhance financial inclusion in the country. For instance, those with Globe accounts but have no credit record from a bank or any financial institution can now have credit information, which could be one of the possible bases for loan approval.

Recently, the scope of CIC’s coverage was expanded to include telecommunication companies as provided for under CIC Circular 2016-01. “The CIC has determined that telecommunications companies are within the purview of the law whose data is relevant for determination of creditworthiness and in making credit decisions,” the circular stated.

With the establishment of a comprehensive credit information database, financing companies may use the basic credit data from the pool of credit information gathered and collected by CIC from the submitting entities to establish the creditworthiness of an individual or an organization.

NTC Orders Block Of 21 Porn Sites In PH, Both PLDT, Globe Comply

John Nieves, reporting for Unbox;

We earlier reported on the block of more popular porn websites a few days earlier. While a bunch of people said that they could no longer access their favorite porn site, a large swath of the population could still visit their porn website of choice. But it looks like the porn block will soon expand to cover more websites and ISPs, as the NTC has ordered the block of 21 porn websites, according to Interaksyon.

NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarrios sent the order to all ISPs last December on the request of the PNP.

MVP admits PLDT losing to Globe in market share

Miguel R. Camus, reporting for Philippine Daily Inquirer;

Globe Telecom likely overtook main rival PLDT Inc. in mobile subscribers last year, PLDT chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan said on Thursday.

Pangilinan, reacting to data published by GSM Association, a trade group of global telco operators, said PLDT saw mobile subscriber numbers dip in 2016 partly as it “cleaned up” inactive accounts.

It’s unclear from Mobile World Live report how many of the reported 66.6 million subscribers are active and how many are post paid and prepaid.

I won’t be surprise if more than 75% of Globe subscribers are Smart subscribers as well. I think the real metric that both Globe and Smart should focus is the revenue/s that they get per subscribers and the driver/s for these.

Globe is now the largest mobile operator in the Philippines

Louie Diangson, reporting for Yugatech;

The Philippines has two major mobile operators in the country – Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, Inc. And in case you’re asking who’s the largest to date, the answer is Globe.

The fact that the Philippines only have two major telecom, so it’s just Globe or Smart. Plus this report clearly illustrates the lack of competition in the telecom space in the Philippines.

We really really really really need a third and even fourth player in the telecommunication space in the country.

You read the full text of Mobile World Live report here.