LeBron James Fearless

This will be the first time a company promotes autonomous vehicles to the general public. We know companies are working on self-driving cars but Intel is the first to tap a public figure, and arguably the most influential athlete in the world.

The video is entitled “Fearless” which is appropriate, since the time and effort to research and develop self-driving car will all be for nothing if people cannot overcome their fear of riding these autonomous cars.

Intel launches 8th-gen Core desktop chips, claims new Core i7-8700K is its best gaming chip ever

Mark Hachman, writing for PC World;

Intel pushed further ahead into its 8th-generation Core series with the launch of its mainstream desktop chips on Sunday night, including the 6-core/12-thread Core i7-8700K, which Intel claims is its best gaming chip ever. Intel also beefed up its Core i5 family with 6-core parts, as well as its first quad-core Core i3.

You can read official announcement here.

I love to see a macbook pro using 6-core/12-thread Core i7-8700K!

Intel buys autonomous vehicle technology firm MobilEye

Daniel Morial, writing for Yugatech;

For $15.3B, Intel agreed to but Israeli autonomous vehicle technology firm MobilEye on Monday to develop driverless systems for automakers. MobilEye is one of the largest players in autonomous vehicle tech and it recently teamed with Intel on BMW’s iNext self-driving platform.

Another major technology company pouring tons of money in autonomous vehicle technology.