I Run A Business, Here’s Why I Will Never Hire Anyone Religious

Guest Post at the Vulcan Post;

When I hire, my priorities are simple—work efficiency and the right fit for our company culture.

My company is constantly on the lookout for talent, so I review up to 20 applications a week. Out of these, perhaps about a third look suitable on paper.

So how do I filter them down, aside from the obvious basic qualifications and skills?

I look at religion, or to be clearer, religiousness. I’ll admit, if there is a person in a tudung, that’s a minus for me. It makes me think twice.

Tudung is the Malaysian equivalent of hijab.

The fact that the author did not include his name says a lot about the article and Vulcan Post, the website that published the article. It feels more of a click bait than anything else.

I understand where the author is going and coming from because at the end of the day, its his business and company, but the fact remain is that the author is scared of accountability, if he’s really firm in his belief he should have used his name and not hide in the shadows.

Vulcan Post’s response to the flak that they receive is not helping as well.

It’s also worth noting that Vulcan Post uses Facebook for your their commenting system that shows the full name of the person commenting.