LeBron James Fearless

This will be the first time a company promotes autonomous vehicles to the general public. We know companies are working on self-driving cars but Intel is the first to tap a public figure, and arguably the most influential athlete in the world.

The video is entitled “Fearless” which is appropriate, since the time and effort to research and develop self-driving car will all be for nothing if people cannot overcome their fear of riding these autonomous cars.

Intel buys autonomous vehicle technology firm MobilEye

Daniel Morial, writing for Yugatech;

For $15.3B, Intel agreed to but Israeli autonomous vehicle technology firm MobilEye on Monday to develop driverless systems for automakers. MobilEye is one of the largest players in autonomous vehicle tech and it recently teamed with Intel on BMW’s iNext self-driving platform.

Another major technology company pouring tons of money in autonomous vehicle technology.

Naver will soon begin testing self-driving cars on Korean roads

Darrell Etherington, reporting for TechCrunch;

South Korean internet giant Naver is in the final stages of receiving sign-off from the top Korean transportation regulator to begin tests of its self-driving vehicle technology on public roads. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it will begin testing its self-driving tech on roads as soon as it receives final approval, which Yonhap reports could be as early as next month, according to industry observers.