Deleting my Facebook page

If you’re one of the few readers who “Liked” the blogs Facebook page, then you will have one more fb page that you need to worry about, since I’m deleting its Facebook page with URL, this is actually the second Facebook of KabayanTech, since the first one was merged with NewsHero.Net, which is now

The reason why I’m deleting this is because I do not see any benefit in maintaining a Facebook page for KabayanTech. The number of person reached by the post on the FB Page does not necessarily mean that the person actually visits the blog itself. Plus, its one more FB page that I don’t need to worry about and maintain.

Of course the blog still have accounts to other social media sites; Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. You can also subscribe to good-ole RSS feed via email or your preferred reader. If you’re a user to any of these social media site, I hope you follow, like and subscribe to us in order to receive regular updates and articles.