The Cryptocurrency Mining Malware So Powerful It Deformed A Phone

Alfredo Carpineti, writing fro IFL Science;

A group of Russian security researchers working at the Kaspersky Lab have analyzed a piece of malware that can hijack a person’s phone and perform a wide range of malicious activities, among which is cryptocurrency mining. The software is so powerful that the constant load caused the battery in a test device to bulge after just two days.

The malware, known as Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi, has been described as a “jack of all trades”. Beyond the crypto-mining, it also bombards users with ads, can launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) campaigns, subscribes the user to paid SMS services, and even fights off attempts to remove it.

For starters, if you want to legitimately mine cryptocurrency you will need to have at least a decent pc setup with an above average GPU, which is more or less 100x more powerful than your regular android phone.

That could be the reason why Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi pushes its infected device to the limit. I guess, if your phone got infected by this malware, the only solution is to do a factory reset.