Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, can now perform backflip

There is something amazing and scary about a robot that can leap and backflip.

  1. This will be the first robot that can perform such movement.
  2. Atlas is more athletic to more than 75% of today’s kids.
  3. Just imagine, Boston Dynamics creating an Atlas with sturdier materials and increasing the power of its jump!
  4. Just look at that form, it could rival even a well trained gymnast.
  5. You may not be aware of this but Boston Dynamics is a Google company.

Duel between United States’ Megabot Mk. III and Japan’s Kuratas will be live stream on this October 17

I can see a lot of people being disappointed by this upcoming duel of two giant robot. Since this is in real life, these robots will not be like those that we see in the movies and animations.

The reason why many are excited of this, (may be!!) because we have been conditioned to think that a giant robot in real life will be similar to the ones that we see on movies, TV, specially those in animes like Voltron, Voltes V, Gundam, Pacific RIM, Real Steel, etc.

Incase you want to watch it, you can watch the duel via this twitch link: